Publishing House: Editura Universității din Pitești
ISSN: 1843-3979
ISSN online: 2344 – 4851
ISSN –L: 1843 – 3979
Frequency: half yearly
Texts published in: French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian

The periodical Philological Research and Studies. Romance Languages Series is a biannual publication which hosts original papers on literary and linguistic studies in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
In 2007, a group of researchers from the Romance Languages Department had the initiative of launching this publication. Our publication is an independent entity, with an editorial policy established only by its editor in chief and by its editorial board. Our publication is meant to be a framework for the convergence of ideas, unifying theoretical, analytical, international and intercultural approaches.
Our publication proposes each year two issues, in May and November and, from time to time a hors serie issue.



2007 – Le discours affectif
2008 - Le discours affectif
2009 - Varia
2010 - Varia; HS Exotisme(s)
2011 - Varia; HS Le discours des Lumières
2012 – Le discours dramatique; Le corps littéraire
2013 - L'espace et l'imaginaire; Lieux de l'imaginaire
2014 - Image et imaginaire de l'Occident; Le(s) Commencement(s)
2015 - Fin(s) et clôture(s); Images de l'érotisme. Erotisme des images
2016 - Littérature et voyage; Mythe et littérature. Rencontres et retours au XXème siècle
2017 - Littérature et politique, Émetteurs et récepteurs
2018 - Merveilleux. Miraculeux. Fabuleux; Voyages et voyageurs
2019 - Latinités